I hate to say it because it’ll probably make it rain from now until the end of time, but I’m actually pretty much on schedule for seeding and transplanting in the field right now. I don’t know when that has ever happened–usually either the weather doesn’t cooperate or I don’t have my poop in a group for whatever reason. So, there’s that.

I got a dozen chicks just for fun and to try out the whole laying hen thing. The newly-hatched chicks were super cute–little puffballs. I got them on the 4th and 5th and they’ve already doubled in size at least. Elden has been building two chicken tractors and has them just about finished, so I’ll be able to get the girls out on grass in a few weeks, as soon as they’ve got all their feathers for warmth.

My parents showed up this weekend and it’s great to have them around again, though they’ve got commitments back in Iowa periodically. Britt has come out a couple times and we were able to transplant a whole bunch of stuff each of those days. There’s nothing like good help to make a farmer happy.

Earth and Snow

This morning we’ve been experiencing light snow in Wrenshall, and a visitor might find it hard to believe that Earth Day was a sunny 60 degrees here. The locals are not at all surprised, of course.

20170422_PlasticInProgressElden and I decided use this weekend to replace the plastic on our oldest hoophouse, which started out fine yesterday morning but became more challenging when the wind came up mid-morning. We managed to get two layers over the top and one layer on each end of the hoophouse, opting to save the second end layer for a calm day. It’s kind of ironic that we spent Earth Day introducing plastic into the waste stream, but of course I save and reuse as much of it as possible around the farm.20170422_NewPlastic

The past rainy week definitely resulted in more green in our landscape, and after our couple of nice days Friday and Saturday, we’re expecting more rain this week. I’m hoping things will clear up again by next weekend, but one never knows.


Digging in

We’re getting things going for the 2017 season, and still have 2 1/2 CSA shares available….

It’s CSA Day!

Every day is CSA day in my world, but … Small Farm Central organizes a more official CSA Day each year to promote CSA sign ups, and today’s the day.

Our local twist on CSA Sign Up Day is the CSA Guild’s Local CSA Farm Open House on Sunday, March 19, 2017, 2-5 pm at Clyde Iron. If you’d like to meet the people who will be growing your food for this season, this is your opportunity to interview the contestants — er, farmers– face to face. Or, you can quietly gather business cards and then order a beer. It’s up to you.

One more date to make note of if you’re considering Stone’s Throw Farm CSA: March 15 is the deadline for our wildly popular Early Bird Discount. Sign up or just check out the details here.

There were some issues with the link to the 2017 CSA Sign-up Form. Here is a corrected link:  https://goo.gl/forms/dzat3KxvmnqRCJFi2

I apologize for any confusion!

Returning CSA members can now reserve their 2017 CSA shares here. New members should also sign up now for first chance at any shares that last year’s farm members don’t snap up by March 1st. I’ll contact new members in early March to let them know if they got a share or not. We have great customer loyalty, but a bit of turnover every year is expected.

20170129_ghousebenchesnewOver the weekend, Elden made some new greenhouse benches for me (I did help a bit), in preparation for the season ahead. Last year I just reused the old benches that sort of fit in the new greenhouse, but this will be a much better use of space. The metal bench tops were shelves from a retail store that closed last year, and should work much better for pots and trays than the old chain link tops.

The new veggie seeds have arrived and everything else is gradually coming together for our eighth season at Stone’s Throw Farm. I hope you’ll join us for the season.

Season’s Greetings


Mouse tracks on the porch.


Bunny tracks.