Warm up & sign up!

It was 35 below at the farm this morning, but I’m thinking of warmer weather ahead and opening our 2019 CSA … sign up here!




Happy New Year


Please watch this space or check out the farm’s Facebook page for information about Stone’s Throw Farm 2019 CSA shares, coming soon!


Zukes on plastic mulch.

I shouldn’t use such an ominous post title! It’s just that it was really dry here at Stone’s Throw Farm for a while, and I was logging a lot of miles rolling out drip tape for irrigation. We’ve had more than enough rain lately, though, including during the Carlton County Farmers Market this morning, unfortunately. Better luck next Saturday, I hope! The good news is we’ve already transplanted many of the “hot crops” and the cool crops are doing well. Plus, I’m using this very rainy day to work in the office a bit.

Our first CSA share delivery is coming right up on June 20, but you can still sign up for a share–it’s a good year for procrastinators!


This time of year, I’m just happy to be outside, even if the work is never-ending. It’s great to see green spreading across the landscape … even (quietly now, don’t let them hear) if some of the green stuff is weeds. I wouldn’t say I feel charitable toward weeds right now, but they don’t offend me quite as much as they do in say, August.

I’d also love to learn the names of ALL the folks I’m growing for this season — meaning we still have some CSA shares available if anyone is looking!

On this Earth Day, I’m just relieved to be seeing some actual earth! Below are photos from yesterday (top row) and today (bottom row). Winter is receding, slowly but surely.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up for a Stone’s Throw Farm CSA share for 2018. We have both full and half shares available, with 7 pick-up sites to choose from.

Most of our new members say they learned about our CSA through word-of-mouth, so a big thank you to all of our loyal customers for your recommendations.

The growing season is underway, and one of the wonderful aspects of CSA is that financial support comes in from our members when we farmers need it the most — spring, when most seeds and supplies must be purchased. By choosing a CSA share, you’re truly doing your part to keep a local farm thriving in your community. Thanks!

I celebrated the first day of spring by seeding our peppers for the season in the potting shed. Kitty Mittens helped by inspecting the onion seedlings. It was kind of a grey day, but we’re hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. A person kind of has to be grateful for what beauty she can find in the landscape, this time of year — such as the volunteer dill plant that’s still standing over by our hoophouses.