We’re now sold out of Stone’s Throw Farm half shares, but we do have 2 full CSA shares still available. To sign up, click here.

Little Virgin Tiger Moth

Little Virgin Tiger Moth

If you can’t handle a full share yourself, you might want to find someone to split it with. Many of our farm members do this, either alternating weeks (picking up the whole box every other week) or dividing the box between the 2 parties each week. Some “splitters” like to get together at the pick-up site or elsewhere to divide the contents of the box, but you don’t have to do that. Each box will have the name of the primary shareholder on it at the pick-up site each week, so we don’t mind if splitting shareholders take half of the produce out of their box and leave the other half for their co-shareholder to pick up later. It’s up to you how you split your share!

???????????????????????????????Spring has been kind to us so far . . . the fields are drying out at the farm and the forecast shows warm and sunny days ahead. You never know what will happen with the weather, of course, but right now I’m feeling optimistic. It’s a nice change after the last 2 years, when we had snow beyond this date.

???????????????????????????????It’s a good time to walk through the woods, because the trees and bushes haven’t leafed out and the ferns haven’t emerged. Once that happens, most of our woods is a dense tangle that is difficult to get through. And, treasures like this little skull are hidden from view.

We had a good turnout at the Local CSA Farm Open House on Friday — the first official day of spring. It was especially nice to see a few of our dedicated customers who stopped by to say hi. We picked up some new members but still have 6 Stone’s Throw Farm CSA shares available, so if you’re still shopping for a CSA, check out our share options on our online sign-up form. If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks! I’ll post something here when we’re sold out of shares.

2015csa guild poster-page-001Stop by and see me at the Local CSA Farm Open House on Friday, March 20, 2015, 5:00 – 7:30 pm at Clyde Iron Works, 2920 W Michigan St, Duluth.

You can sign up for a Stone’s Throw Farm CSA share at the event, or find another CSA that suits your needs.

All of the farmers contribute local food and/or goods for a great raffle — the winner will be pulled from the hat at 7:30 pm, right before Farmers Take the Stage starts in the same venue! Stick around and let the farmers entertain you.

The CSA Open House is FREE. Farmers Take the Stage costs $10 and benefits the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association.

Purple Potatoes… Not just because it’s the year of the potato in Duluth, but also because they’re better for you than you thought, according to NPR.

Good news, eh? (Unless you already knew about nutritious potatoes–you’re such a smart consumer.)

Don’t forget to sign up for a CSA share now to ensure your supply of fresh, locally-grown potatoes (and a wide variety of other yummy veggies) this summer and fall.

And, check out another NPR story on farmers markets and food hubs while you’re here.

2015_STF_Flyer_yella_revisedYou can now sign up for your 2015 Stone’s Throw Farm CSA Shares online! Fill out our new online sign-up form and then send or drop off your payment to us at 1420 Jefferson Street, Duluth, MN 55805. To take advantage of our “early-bird” discount, send full payment by March 10, 2015. This also is the date by which we stop holding 2015 shares for our returning farm members. In other words, we’re holding a spot for our 2014 farm members until March 10; after that, it’s first-come, first-served for all. New members can sign up before March 10, too. Use the same form, please. PinkHeartWe know that 2015 is the year of the potato in Duluth; what else will the season bring? Sign up and find out! If you have any questions about our CSA shares, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

 Stone’s Throw Farm 2015 CSA shares will be for sale soon.  If you’re thinking of buying a CSA share for the first time and aren’t sure what to expect, check out some very good advice offered by our 2014 CSA members (via the 2014 end-of-season survey):

  • CircleSalad“Decide what’s for dinner based on what you have in your box this week and meet the challenge to eat it all or share with friends!”
  • “When in doubt… chop everything up and toss it in a stir fry.”
  • “Schedule your pickup time around when you can process the veggies. I pick up my share on Thursdays, and it really helps that I’m able to be home on Thurs night to take care of everything.”
  • “Don’t forget to pick up your share!”
  • “Go down to the farm and see it in person; you’ll get a feeling for the hard work and dedication (and love) that goes into a CSA.  Plus you get to taste veggies right off the vine.  Wonderful!”
  • “Buy a salad spinner.”
  • “Get a compost bin set up before the growing season. Also, don’t be afraid to chop up pretty much any veggie and fry it with some oil for a quick meal.”
  • “You have to give up control of what you get and appreciate that aspect of it; I do!”
  • “Be bold and try it all!”
  • “Split a share with a friend so if there is something you don’t care for you can trade veggies.”
  • “Prep your veggies when you get them and you will be sure to use them throughout the week.”
  • “Be prepared for an adventure!”
  • “Go with a 1/2 share the first time.  Read the veggie handling guide for tips on freezing, etc.”
  • “Eat veggies for breakfast!”
  • “Don’t buy produce at a store until you get a feel for the variety and amounts you will get in your share box.  Learn to ‘eat in season.'”
  • “Have fun with the veggies you’ve never prepared. When in doubt, grill it with evoo, salt and pepper.”
  • “Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks, farm members.

Happy Winter Solstice



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